5 reasons to get a degree in sports management

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Sports Management

If you are a sports aficionado and thinking about studying in Europe, a sports management degree can do wonders for you. If you opt for any of the top sports management programs in Europe from a reputed university you can surely find plenty of job opportunities after graduation.

A sports management degree is the practical fusion of business leadership skills and an ardent knowledge of the sports world. Europe, on the other hand, is the centre for some of the world’s biggest sporting events – La Liga, Champions League, Rugby Europe Championship, the French Open, Wimbledon, etc. According to a report, in 2019, 1.3 million people worked in the field of sport in the EU-27 and the number is increasing at a higher pace than the total employment rate.

A career in sports management in Europe will offer you plenty of excitement and a great salary. On top of that, you don’t need to be athletically gifted to pursue a career in sports management. A sports management degree can open up many different job opportunities within the sports industry. Graduates can become agents for athletes, team marketing directors, supervisors, event managers, team managers and so on. 

There are many opportunities at different levels for the graduates, from local sports and minor leagues to regional and national sporting bodies and associations. A sports management graduate can also find jobs at recreational centres, public parks, etc. 

Let us now dive a little deeper and take a closer look at the reasons to earn a sports management degree:

Gain Broad Skill-Sets

The top sports management programs in Europe teach students skills and concepts related to the following:

  • Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Sports Law
  • Sports History
  • Sports Event Management
  • Sports Facility Management
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Sports

Sports Management classes will help you learn how to run the business side of a sports organization with the use of the latest trends and technologies. You will develop a broad set of skills including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Attention to details

These skills will come in handy in any given situation-whether you are negotiating a sponsorship program for a local event or a multi-million Euro deal for a player you represent.  

Enjoy Diverse Career Opportunities

When you think about sports management professionals, agents of high profile athletes come to mind. However, graduates of a good sports management program find employment within all sectors of the sports management profession, including:

  • Professional sports
  • Minor league sports
  • Amateur sports
  • Community & Recreational Sports 

If you wish to go for a career in sports management, you can explore functional areas such as:

  • Sports Marketing

events, competitions, leagues, etc. Getting sponsorships for sporting events. Ensuring ticket sales, sponsorship from television viewership, viewership on online media, etc.

  • Sports Agent

players in clubs. They negotiate the contracts of the players with the clubs on behalf of the players. In some cases, they manage all the business and financial matters of the players as well. Sports agents also represent the players to various organizations like advertisers and sponsors who want the players to advertise their products. 

  • Sports Analyst

Sports Analysts are specialists who analyze player performances, team performances, etc. with or without the aid of technology. They perform competitor analysis, predict the outcome of a match and advise sports coaches and support staff members. 

  • Sports Merchandising

Sale of merchandise such as team jerseys, posters and other memorabilia. 

  • Finance & Business Operations

Managing collections from ticket sales, merchandise sales and of course sponsorship. Also managing financial and accounting operations. 

  • Sports Communication

Sports commentary, sports journalism, managing relationships with the media.

  • Sports Facility Management

Managing the stadium and other venue management.

  • Sports Event Management

Managing the sporting events and other promotional events. 

These are only some of the roles mentioned. There are more. You can even advise players and clubs on their use of social media. 

Work with High Profile Clients

One of the biggest attractions of a career in sports management is that you get to work with famous athletes. You may get the chance to represent the modern day greats in sports and ensure that they get the best contracts possible. You may be coordinating charity events with celebrity athletes whose names will draw attention to important causes. Whatever it is, when you pursue a career in sports management, you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with high profile clients who are at the top of their game.

Work in a Growing Industry

The ‘Sports Global Market Opportunities and Strategies To 2022’ report predicts that the global sports market will reach a whopping $614 billion by the year 2022. The sports industry like most other industries has been rocked by the pandemic. However, the sports world has already bounced back with high profile sports tournaments taking place around the world.

Travel & Have Fun

If you like travelling, scouting out new locations and visiting new places then a sports management career will suit you. Often the job entails travelling around the world for various events. You can have a lot of fun. A career in sports management is a dream come true for graduates who want an active lifestyle. However, if you are not the travelling sort, there are also positions which require significantly less travel like say, managing sports venues.  

What to Study and Where?

Here we will talk about two courses from two of the best universities in Europe to study sports management:

How to go about it?

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