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Admission to undergraduate studies at public universities in Spain (Foundation program)

Studying Bachelor Programs in Public Universities in Spain is an extremely attractive option for international students. High Quality Education from a European University in Spain is not only renowned in the whole world but can also be very affordable, with annual tuition fees varying from as little as 800 Euros up to 8,500 Euros.

There are more than 50 Public Universities in Spain and more than 1,000 study courses offered for undergraduates. Many courses are offered in Spanish language, bilingual (English & Spanish) or 100% in English.

Is it challenging to get Admission to Spanish Public Universities?

The short answer is yes. And here is why:

If you have a Baccalaureate by completing your secondary education and you are under 25 years old, there are two ways of getting admission to a Spanish Public University.

Option 1: For holders of a Spanish high school degree

You can take the EVAU test (or formerly called Selectividad) to get admission.

Option 2: For students who have finished high school in a country other than Spain

In order to get accepted into Undergraduate Programs in Spain, you need to pass the university entry exam called PCE or Specific Competence Tests. These exams evaluate your knowledge regarding certain elective subjects towards your future study path and are held every year in June and September. The first date in June is the ordinary call and it is highly recommended to take it as the study spots in Spanish Universities fill up quickly.

The exams ALWAYS take place in Spanish language and require you to speak a minimum level of B1 – even if you study in English or Bilingual afterwards.

How to ace the PCE exam and study at a Top Ranked Spanish University?

In Spain, depending on your future career, Universities have different cut-off grades for Undergraduate Studies. If you want Admission at the Best Universities in Spain, like the University of Barcelona, University Complutense de Madrid or University Pompeu Fabra, you need to achieve a very high grade in your elective exams.

This is why we usually recommend joining our University Foundation Program, which is a Language and Pathway Course that takes 8 to 12 months. Throughout the course, you will learn Spanish from scratch or improve your existing Spanish. Additionally, you will participate in specialized classes that prepare you for the PCE exams of your dream studies.

There are different pathways available depending on intensity, duration and location. We offer these programs in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Malaga or Online.

How to calculate your university entry grade (PCE Score)

Would you like to apply for a public university in Spain? Find out if you are qualified for the Spanish public education system.

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