How to choose what to study abroad?

Studying abroad, for instance, in business universities in Spain, is a life-changing experience. Therefore, before you decide where to go, do some in-depth research and consider the advantages and disadvantages of countries, universities, and cities seriously.

To help you structure your fact-finding mission see below the most important aspects to consider:

Which course do you want to study?

This is the obvious starting point for each student – identify your course of preference based on your interests and strengths. Research the modules, program, and duration offered for your preferred subject. Moreover, make sure to explore employment prospects as well.

Does the educational structure of the destination suit you?

Each study destination has its own educational structure, which may or may not be in sync with your preferences. Check for the teaching pedagogy applied. For instance, a lot of universities favor practical training over theoretical concepts. Do you think such an approach would work for you? Would you be comfortable working on research papers and assignments every week?

    Do you fulfill the entry requirements?

    Check the entry requirements for the programs available in your desired destination carefully. Does it offer a program at the level you wish to take entry in? Is it a diploma program or a degree? 

    Also, check for the academic scores required. Do you meet the requirements? Would you be required to take an additional test apart from the English proficiency test? Are you able to dedicate time to prepare for additional tests such as GMAT, GRE, or SAT?

    How much will it cost to study in your desired destination?

    It is essential to consider the overall expense involved in studying at a particular destination such as the University of Barcelona or English universities in Spain. When calculating your costs, do not forget expenses for accommodation, utilities, insurancestransportation, etc. Consider the duration of your course as this will determine your overall cost of studying abroad. 

    Find out if there are any scholarships available to study in the desired destination at the government and/or institute level. If you are eligible for a scholarship, it can reduce the cost of your studies considerably. Consider as well if you will be able to work part-time while studying so you can manage your cost easier and gain some professional experience.  

      What are the student visa requirements and policies?

      Check for the visa entry requirements of the country you are interested in. Each country has a different set of rules to comply with, and sometimes the process of obtaining a visa can take more time than expected. Also, visa processing costs vary for each country.

      Does your chosen destination offer you the kind of lifestyle you prefer?

      Not a major factor, but something to think about too. Lifestyle abroad will be different from your home country. Language, culture, food, way of living – everything is going to change. Your way of approaching different situations will also change drastically.

      Consider researching the lifestyle, the number of international students, and English-speaking citizens in each destination in order to understand if you will feel comfortable living there.

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