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Top Public Universities in Spain

As an international student few think about applying to public universities in Spain. It is surely not easy for students from abroad to understand the public university admission process but the benefit of studying in one is sure worth the pain. Did you know you can save upto € 40,000 per year! Now that is definitely worth the extra effort. If you want to learn more about the public university system and the application process, schedule a one-on-one consultation session with one of our experts by filling the form below. 

Not convinced yet? Well, here is a list of the top 5 public universities in Spain to get you thinking and excited. 

Universitat de Barcelona

Why UB? 

National Ranking – 1 

European Ranking – 72

World Ranking – 168 

The 3rd highest rate of entry in the job market according to QS world rankings (Spain).

Located in Barcelona, Spain the university has over 60,000 students and offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. 

What student’s say – 

“The UB is a guarantee of quality and international visibility”  – Albert, Bachelor’s Degree in medicine 

I choose the UB because of the syllabus and the strong teaching team” – Sofia, Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology

Click here for UB Admissions Page alternatively leave an enquiry with us and we will hand hold you through the process. Last year we assisted 13 International students join the UB. 

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

National Ranking: 3

World Ranking: 203

Located in Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid was founded in 1293! Over 86,000 call it home and the university offers over 90 bachelor’s and 300 master’s and doctorate degrees. Many of their programs are in Spanish but a few courses are available in English too. 

Download the prospectus for further information or reach out to us for assistance.

Universitat de València

National Ranking: 

World Ranking: 591 

Universitat de València (University of Valencia) was founded in 1499. It is located in Valencia. Universitat de València has around 55,000 students. It offers degrees in almost all of the academic fields-Arts & Humanities, Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and others. 

The University of Valencia Science Park contains research institutes as well as a business area that is home to more than 70 companies that focus mainly on biotechnology or information and communication technologies. Research Institutes at the science park include the Institute of Materials Science, the Institute of Molecular Science and the Image Processing Laboratory. Another university research facility is the century-old Astronomical Observatory that houses three telescopes and two all-sky cameras. 

Learn more about the admission process by visiting the universities page or fill out an enquiry with us and we will get in touch with you.

Universidad de Granada  

National Ranking: 4

World Ranking: 280

Universidad de Granada (University of Granada) was founded in 1531. It is located in the city of Granada, Spain. Universidad de Granada is one of the largest universities in Spain. It has approximately 80,000 students. The university’s Center for Modern Languages receives over 10,000 international students every year. 

The university focuses on research and 10% of its papers are amongst the top cited publications around the world.

Apply to Universidad de Granada by clicking here or get in touch with us as we take care of the process, visa and paperwork for you. Last year we helped 26 international students with their application to the university.

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

National Ranking in Research:2 

World Ranking: 213

The university offers over 107 bachelor’s 141 master’s and 68 Phd programs out of which 90 programs are taught in english. Over 25,000 students call it home of which 27.7% are international students. The university is also considered the fifth most innovative university in Spain by Reuters Top 100. 

Click here to see the Universities programs in english. 

Other Public Universities in Spain that you should definitely consider. 


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Polytechnic University of Madrid) was founded in 1971. It is located in Madrid. The university has more than 30,000 students. At present, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has 18 schools, 9 research centers and institutes and 205 departments. Its degree programs cover all areas of architecture and engineering. 

Universidad de Sevilla

Universidad de Sevilla (University of Seville) was founded in 1505. It is located in Seville, Spain. Presently it has around 65,000 students. More than 5,000 international students study at this university. Universidad de Sevilla is well known for carrying out some very important research in Technology and science. Students attending the university have the choice of 65 different subjects and the university provides one of the widest ranges of academic and sporting facilities in Spain, making it a popular university for both Spanish and International students. 

Universidad de La Rioja

Universidad de La Rioja (University of La Rioja) was established in 1992 from various existing schools and colleges. It is located in the urban setting in the large town of Logroño, La Rioja. It currently teaches Grades 19 adapted to the European Higher Education and varied programs of Master’s, summer courses and courses of Spanish language and culture for foreigners.  

Universidad Politécnica de València

Universidad Politécnica de València (Polytechnic University of Valencia) was founded in 1968. The University is located in Valencia. Universidad Politécnica de València was created with a focus on scientific study and research goals. There are 8 branches of undergraduate study at the university, ranging from Arts and Humanities to Social and Legal Sciences. The university has a postgraduate studies sector and offers 80 doctoral degrees. 

Universidad de Alicante

Universidad de Alicante (University of Alicante) was founded in 1979. The university is located in the town of San Vicente del Raspeig, bordering the city of Alicante to the North. The university has around 25,000 to 30,000 students. Universidad de Alicante offers more than 50 degree courses. It comprises over 70 departments and research groups in the areas of Social Science and Law, Experimental Science, Technology, Education, Liberal Arts and Health Sciences. Although most classes are taught in Spanish, some classes are taught in English, in particular Computer Science and business degrees. Spanish language courses are offered to foreign students throughout the year. 

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