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Why choose for studying abroad in Valencia?

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, located at the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 0.8 million people. 

Founded by the Romans in 138 BC, its heritage of ancient monuments, views and cultural attractions makes Valencia one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. 

However, besides being a popular tourist hotspot, Valencia is a wonderfully liveable city with thriving cultural, eating and nightlife scenes. Never afraid to innovate, Valencia diverted its flood-prone river to the outskirts and converted the former riverbed into a glorious green ribbon of park winding right through the city. On it are the strikingly futuristic buildings of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, designed by local boy Santiago Calatrava. 

Other brilliant contemporary buildings grace the city, which also has a handful of fabulous Modernista buildings, great museums, a long stretch of beach and a large, characterful old quarter. Valencia, surrounded by its huerta, a fertile zone of market gardens, is famous as the home of rice dishes such as paella, but its buzzy dining scene offers plenty more; it’s a superb spot for eating.

Valencia is one of the most attractive student destinations in Europe. Students can select from a wide palette of subject areas within Valencia universities, available for all degree levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. In most institutions, courses are Spanish-taught, but many English-taught programmes are also available for international students. Overall it is not difficult to find numerous education opportunities in Valencia.

    In terms of size it cannot compete with Barcelona and Madrid but on the other hand it offers great climate conditions (300 days of sunshine per year) and relatively low cost of living.

    In recent years Valencia has also developed a startup scene which is an attractive feature for students who – after having finished their studies – will be looking for exciting jobs where they can apply their acquired knowledge and skills. Although Madrid and Barcelona are the largest and most well-known cities in Spain and, therefore, the first choice for many startup founders, Valencia holds more than 900 startups which makes it the city with most startups per capita of Spain: 0.064% compared to 0.056% in Barcelona and Bilbao or 0.033% in Madrid.

    3 fun facts about Valencia:

    • Valencia has 3 UNESCO listed attractions
    • The largest market in Europe is in Valencia (Mercado Central)
    • Paella (Famous Spanish rice dish) was born in Valencia
    Valencia Hotspots
    Cost of living (Euros per month)


    250 – 1,100 € P/M


    30 – 40 € P/M


    120 – 200 € P/M


    20 – 40 € P/M

    Phone / Internet

    20 – 30 € P/M

    Leisure / Miscellaneous

    50 – 200 € P/M

    Total 490 – 1,610 € per month

    Student jobs in Valencia

    One way to handle the cost of studying abroad in Valencia can be to work part-time during semester breaks or even in parallel to your studies. Students with a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week in any given sector. If you desire to work more, then you need to sign up for a work permit and a residence visa which you can acquire at the Spanish Consulate in your home country. 

    For most jobs you will also need to speak and understand Spanish. You can also work as an intern at a university. Wages in Spain are not as high as in some other Western European countries, but on the other hand this is mirrored by a relatively low cost of living. Depending on the hours worked you can expect to earn up to 600 – 800 Euro per month for a student job or internship.

    Contact LEAP to receive more information about the current students’ jobs available in sectors as:  

    • Hospitality & Tourism 
    • Real Estate
    • Education
    • Tech Sales

    Once you hold a Bachelor’s degree and decide to stay in Spain the average starting salary is around 1,200 – 1,500 Euro per month. With a Master’s degree this can variate from 1,500 – 3,000 Euro per month.

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