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Why choose for studying abroad in Marbella?

Marbella is a city and municipality in southern Spain, belonging to Málaga province, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Marbella is also part of the Costa del Sol and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, between Málaga and the Gibraltar Strait.

Studying abroad in Marbella will be a truly memorable experience, as one can enjoy the wonderful climate of the luxurious beach resorts and will almost feel like being on a constant holiday. Marbella is a cultural melting pot, numerous local festivities, lively and chatty locals, a place where today and over the years, many famous people, including Hollywood celebrities visited or even lived here for a while. 

As one of the biggest tourist cities of the Costa del Sol, Marbella is a constant marvel to any traveller coming here. Visitors can numerous cultural attractions or simply walk by the splendid beaches; there are numerous spots to see and explore in Marbella. Check out the old town and admire ancient city walls and the two historical suburbs of the city, the Barrio Alto and the Barrio Nuevo.

There probably is no street in Marbella that hasn’t at least one bar or pub and, every once in a while, one might even hit upon a place with live Spanish music.

In Marbella, golf is very popular, so those interested will find plenty of opportunity to practice their Golf. There is also the possibility to enjoy horse racing at the Hipodromo Mijas Costa.

Marbella counts thousands of tourists all year round and also welcomes a significant number of international students. Marbella is also home to several minorities, as around 25 % of the city’s population represents foreign-born residents, mainly British, Moroccans, Germans, Ecuadorians, and Italians.

The area is attracting many foreign investors, specifically from UK, followed by investors from France, Russia and Belgium. Most of them are particularly interested in real estate, construction and hospitality projects.

When it comes to education opportunities in Marbella there are two institutions to choose from. All courses are taught in English, so students need to provide evidence of language proficiency.

3 interesting facts about Marbella:

  • The origins of Marbella reach back to Roman times
  • Marbella is home to 137 different nationalities
  • La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella is the second most visited place in Spain

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Cost of living (Euros per month)


180 – 1,200 € P/M


20 – 40 € P/M


100 – 220 € P/M


15 – 40 € P/M

Phone / Internet

20 – 30 € P/M

Leisure / Miscellaneous

50 – 200 € P/M

Total385 – 1,730 € per month

Student jobs in Marbella

One way to handle the cost of studying abroad in Marbella can be to work part-time during semester breaks or even in parallel to your studies. Students with a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week in any given sector. If you desire to work more, then you need to sign up for a work permit and a residence visa which you can acquire at the Spanish Consulate in your home country. 

For most jobs you will also need to speak and understand Spanish. You can also work as an intern at a university. Wages in Spain are not as high as in some other Western European countries, but on the other hand this is mirrored by a relatively low cost of living. Depending on the hours worked you can expect to earn up to 600 – 800 Euro per month for a student job or internship.

Contact LEAP to receive more information about the current students’ jobs available in sectors as:  

  • Hospitality & Tourism 
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Tech Sales

Once you hold a Bachelor’s degree and decide to stay in Spain the average starting salary is around 1,200 – 1,500 Euro per month. With a Master’s degree this can variate from 1,500 – 3,000 Euro per month.

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