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Admission & Visa

A good beginning is half the task. We provide everything you need from A-Z for a structured and relaxed start of your academic journey in Spain.

Arrival & Orientation

You can focus on the important things in your life-changing study adventure. Excel in your studies and make new friends while we take care of the rest!

Career & Legal

Currently studying or just graduated with a European degree in your pocket? No worries, let LEAP help you find your dream job and provide you legal guidance.


Admission & Visa

Everything you need before coming to Spain

In a personal remote/face-to-face conversation, one of our consultants elaborates on your situation and provides advice and recommended course of actions after carefully evaluating all your options. This is usually the first step before we pivot into an in-depth analysis of your career path, lay the foundation of your start-up or discuss legal possibilities for each case like commercial/residential property investment, visa options and requirements, or application for/renewal of Spanish residency.

Why LEAP? | What does a study abroad agency do?

Private or Public?
We guide and help you with the selection of the right study course and institution, so that you can take your future in your own hands. You will be provided with all the essential information, like course content, tuition fees, entry requirements and deadlines. LEAP makes sure that all your documents are certified and acknowledged, and that the process is correct and comprehensive, so your chances of admission are maximized. On your behalf, we communicate with the University and prepare you for upcoming challenges, like Resumé, motivational essays and entry interviews.

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This program is for high school graduates who are seeking admission to undergraduate programs in the Spanish public university system. Throughout the program you will learn Spanish and specific subjects toward your future degree. The program prepares you for the University Entry Exam in Spain (Selectividad), which is a requirement to enter Spanish public universities. The University Foundation Program is available in Barcelona and Madrid.

University foundation program | Public University entry test 

If you are a non-European citizen and want to study in Spain for longer than three months, you will have to apply for a student visa. Over the years, we collected vast experience, which we dedicate to get all your documents and steps necessary sorted. As a result, we maximize your chances to obtain a European student visa, tourist visa, non-lucrative residence visa, work permit, entrepreneurial, highly qualified professional or golden visa.

In a personal consultation you will learn about required documents, the application preparation, and forms. We will revise all your documentation to ensure the application is correct and complete and book the appointment at the Spanish Embassy in your country.

Legal requirements for non-EU students to come to Spain | Spanish student visa

We work with multiple Spanish language schools all over Spain and know exactly which school and course is the right one for you. Do you want to study in Spanish, need the language for a job position or just to get around more easily in Spain? Let us know and we will find the right course for you.

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Based on your preferences of apartment and neighbourhood, we will help you find the perfect accommodation. There are different options available in Spain.

room in a shared apartment is a flexible and affordable choice for students. You will share common spaces like kitchen and living room with international people from all over the world.

If you are looking for a private room with shared amenities and big common
areas, surrounded by other global students, you should investigate a student residence. The price varies depending on the room size, location, and level of services you require. Among other services, most residences help with cleaning, washing, breakfast or half board.

A studio apartment is a compact and fully equipped one-room apartment, which offers full privacy for an affordable price. Studio apartments are usually furnished and come with all amenities included.

Do you desire space and a certain level of luxury? Then a fully equipped
2 – 4 room private apartment could be the right choice for you. These apartments vary in price, depending on the location in the city and if they are furnished or unfurnished.

Another popular option is to stay with one of our validated Spanish Host Families. They provide you shelter in combination with breakfast, half-board or full-board as well as optional laundry services. Staying with the family gives you unique insights into Spanish culture, language, and it’s a fun and safe way to get to know the Spaniards.

LEAP accommodation services 

We will guide and support you with the registration at the Spanish town hall and present you to the Spanish authorities. There are a few steps you will need to take within the first three months of your stay, like NIE/TIE and Empadronamiento. LEAP schedules your appointments prepares your application and tax forms and one of our consultants accompanies you to the appointment to make sure you receive necessary documents.

What are the NIE/TIE and how to get one? 

We are an official partner of ASISA, one of the leading Spanish medial insurance companies who work with more than 25.000 doctors and hospitals in Spain. Based on your situation we consult you for the right insurance and can offer you a very competitive price for the duration of your stay in Spain. We renegotiate the insurance terms regularly to provide you the best insurance deals in Spain. A private Spanish health insurance is a crucial requirement to obtain a Spanish student visa for international students. We make sure that you receive the insurance you need for the Spanish Embassy in your country to issue the visa in time.

How to choose a good student insurance? 

Upon arrival at the airport we provide a pick-up service, where one of our trusted drivers will wait for you in the airport arrival hall and bring you to your new home in Spain.

We work with a number of Spanish and international banks and will open a Spanish bank account for you at a bank with English-speaking consultants so you can easily transfer money between your Spanish and international accounts.

Arrival & Orientation

Everything you need upon arrival and in the first weeks

Career & Legal

LEAP Career Accelerator Program, Legal advise and more

After graduation or even during your studies as a part-time job, LEAP helps you to select and apply for a (paid) internship at different companies in Spain. We maximize your chances by upgrading your Resumé and LinkedIn profile and preparing you for interviews. Through our excellent local network of HR departments, we make sure you will work in your field of interest and the brand/company, which you admire. We have partnerships with companies in sectors like logistics, technology, business, translation, teaching, fashion & luxury and many others.

Good to know: As a student you can work up to 20 hours per week in Spain to gain first-hand experience and earn some money next to your studies. During the summer break you can even work up to 40 hours per week.

After your graduation, LEAP helps you to select and apply for your dream job in Spain and beyond. We maximize your chances by upgrading your Resumé and LinkedIn profile and preparing you for interviews. Through our excellent local network of HR departments, we make sure you will work in your field of interest and the brand/company, which you admire.

Our Career Accelerator Program prepares you diligently for the entry to the Spanish labor market.

If you encounter any legal challenges, we are happy to provide you detailed insights and our experienced consultants will help you to solve your issues. Through our excellent local network in Spain we can provide advice and contacts for every situation.

Once you found the perfect job for you, we help you to go through all the legal processes associated before your first day at work. This includes transfer of student visa to work visa, civil registration, social security and the registration with the Spanish health system.

Good to know: After graduation from an official degree in Spain you can apply for a 12-month job seekers visa, which bridges your time until you have a job offer.

We provide you with a sworn translation service for any documents you need in English and Spanish, like transcripts, diplomas, medical certificates, insurance, bank statements, deeds, power of attorney, police record, etc. Depending on your country of origin, your documents need to be legalized at the Spanish Embassy in your country.

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