Top reasons to study abroad

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular among the new generation. In an ever more globalized world (Yes, of course, there is Covid-19, but, – despite its dramatic impact on the world – we will find ways to overcome the challenges that it is temporarily posing) it is becoming increasingly beneficial for future professionals to gain additional qualifications and experiences that can make them stand out from others.

Obtain top quality education

Of course, you want to get the highest possible quality of education in return for the time and effort you are going to spend. Unless you were born and grew up in a country that is home to one or several international Top Universities, you have a strong incentive to study abroad.

Experience and embrace a new, foreign culture

No matter where you decide to study – besides mastering your degree you will inevitably be challenged to interact with people in a different language, from different cultural backgrounds and different ways to interact with others. While this may be a challenge in the beginning, over time it will make you more mature and help you in your future professional and private life.

Learn a new language

Suppose you study in a foreign country, for example, one of the study abroad programs in Spain. In that case, chances are more often than not that you will be exposed to a new language. Why not take the opportunity to master that language to a certain extent so that you can add this to your skillset?

– Working abroad during your study

Studying abroad provides you with opportunities to work as an intern or similar during semester breaks or even in parallel with your studies. This provides another differentiating factor when you later compete with others for attractive jobs.

– Enhance your career opportunities

Obtaining a degree from a Top institution abroad has a direct impact on your future career chances. Hiring employers raise an eyebrow when they come across a CV from a candidate who has studied abroad and in that way not only has obtained a recognized degree but as well has gone through the challenges of living in a foreign country and culture and possibly learned a new language.

– Travel to foreign countries

Suppose you choose to study in another continent. In that case, you have the added benefit of being closer to many countries you have never visited. For instance, if you grew up in Asia or the Middle East, studying in Barcelona or in Madrid, puts the rest of Europe almost at your doorstep. Many European capitals, for instance, are no more than 2 hours apart by plane.

– Make new friends

Surely, even if you decide to study in your home country you will meet new friends while you study. But if you do so in another country with international students from many territories it can make this so much more interesting and will be another catalyst to grow your personality.

– Become independent / your own person

Finally, taking the leap to live in a different country, study in a different city and interact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds will put many challenges in front of you, which you will overcome with time, and when it is all over you will realize that you have become more independent and a step closer to become your won person.

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