University studies in Spain Public or Private?

When it comes to the choice of Universities in Spain, one has to differentiate between Public and Private Institutions. 

The main difference between Public and Private Universities in Spain is the way they are financed. Public Universities receive funds from the government and stately administrations, while Private Universities are primarily financed with their own endowment funds and the tuition fees that are paid by the students. As a result, Private Universities in Spain are a lot more up-to-date and flexible in terms of study curriculum and hiring specialists from the industries for teaching the subjects.

    In general, students receive a lot more individual attention at Private Universities in Spain and their career department helps them with finding a job after graduation. Higher employability and higher salary are typical when obtaining a degree from a Private School rather than a Public one. On the other hand, Public Schools offer a lot more degrees in different fields, whereas Private Universities are more directed into fields such as Business, Technology, Psychology, International Relations, Sports Management and similar. 

    In this article, we will cover the basic information on both Spanish University Types and show you the Pro’s and Con’s of each.

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      Pro’s vs. Con’s Public Universities in Spain

        Pro’s vs. Con’s Public Universities in Spain

        • High individual student attention and career planning departments
        • Partnerships with companies for internship and full-time job placement during and after Graduation
        • Offer substantial Tuition Discounts and Financial Aid
        • Specialized Degrees that meet the current demand of the labour market
        • Professors work usually part-time, as they teach subjects according to their practical working experience. For example, a Marketing Manager from Google would teach the Performance Marketing class
        • Higher Prestige Factor than Public Universities
        • Geographically more diverse (80+ Nationalities per University)

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