Barcelona Technology School

Barcelona Technology School helps talent to shape the digital future through master degrees focused on the most demanded digital skills such web and mobile development, cloud solutions, big data, UX, entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

Trusted by the digital industry, Barcelona Technology School is based on international diversity where students meet talent from all over the world. Our programs are completely aligned with the industry needs ensuring constant employment opportunities to our graduates.

We deliver an innovative approach trough well known entrepreneurs, tech labs, key digital companies and institutions that permit us to develop talent ready to spread creative technology solutions over the industry.

Why choose Barcelona Technology School?
Personal mentoring 

A team of mentors will help you to define your own purpose according to what you love, what you are good at, what can you be paid for and how you can improve the world with such amazing skills.

This ensures you to focus your energy on a job you really love, what is the best way you can drive a great digital impact.

BTS mentors are generous people that believe in the power of sharing.
They are happy offering you their vision and wide experience as digital
leaders in top global tech companies.

Get advice from digital sages that will help you to drive your purpose and
develop a great career in the digital industry.

Professional experience

Barcelona Technology School gives you access to a professional experience during the Master.

You’ll develop your talent with the most demanded knowledge and technologies.

Our partners support & mentor Barcelona Technology School as a source of future workers for their digital companies. You will be in deep contact with them, not only to learn from their knowledge, but also to approach to the employment opportunities they will present you during the programs.

Generate your own digital impact and start shaping the digital future right now.

Industry immersion

The student experience at BTS is not just about having great professors but also enjoying a deep digital immersion.

Take full advantage of the Barcelona Technology School ecosystem, visit leading digital companies, listen to international digital leaders that come to Barcelona to talk to you about what is really hot in the industry, attend meetups and build networking, get inspired by leading digital labs and attend events such as the IoT Solutions World Congress, The Smart City Expo World Congress or the Mobile World Congress.

Learn from experienced experts
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Top courses

Master in Digital Transformation Leadership

MA 1 year
EN Oct
On-Campus/Blended €18,000 p.a.

Masters Digital Product Management

MA 1 year
EN Oct
On-Campus/Blended €18,000 p.a.

Executive Master in Fintech Solutions

MA 1 year
EN Oct
On-Campus/Blended €18,000 p.a.
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