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HTL International School, which stands for International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages is glad to offer you Bachelor and Master degrees and Diploma programs in Hotel, Tourism and Business spheres. For our Bachelor degrees, we have two main fields of studies: Hotel & Tourism and Business Administration. If you want to continue your studies in a more narrow field, you can choose one of our Master degrees, such as Hospitality and Tourism Management, Tour guiding, Food & Beverage Management, Events Management, Digital Marketing, Luxury/VIP Management, Sports Management or Business Administration (MBA), Legal Cannabis Tourism Management, Modern Fashion Management, Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Household Management or one of our Diploma programs in Human Resources Management, Public Relations and Marketing Management, Wedding Planning, Social Media Marketing.

Our Bachelor degrees are for three academic years, Master degrees are for one academic year (i.e. Nine calendar months), and it takes six months to get a Diploma in Human Resources Management or Public Relations and Marketing Management.

Each of our programs consists of three trimesters. The first one is for Language modules, the Spanish language is the first choice for international students. But if your level of Spanish is already high, like a C1 and you have a certificate to prove it, or Spanish is your native language – you have a choice between French or Russian for this Language trimester. The second one is for the Specialization Modules, depending on the program you chose. It covers all the necessary subjects and gives you not only theoretical information but real-life knowledge through case studies and real industrial examples. The third one is an internship trimester, so you will have a chance to learn from great professionals in different hotels, tourism companies, event organizational companies, etc.

You can do the Internship all around Spain and to make it easier for you, some of our programs are telepresential and there is always an option to take an online course.

We have four campuses in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Online which are important cities for the Tourism and Business industries. Don´t miss your chance to get a great professional experience. Contact LEAP and Join us!

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Why choose HTL International?

We are optimization: Our task is not to kill your time, giving you as much theory as possible, but to teach you the most useful information, that you will need in your professional life. To do this, we always listen to you carefully, and we are optimizing our study plans accordingly, it may change in order to adapt it to everyone’s needs as much as possible.

We are the reality: Our teachers are not just professors, with a lot of scientific publications, they are Young and energetic people, with experience in different spheres of Hospitality, Tourism and Business administration. They will guide you through this world, not reading the information from the books published in 1968, but providing you the real-life examples and advice.


We are eco: We have elaborated a strict Corporate Responsibility Policy that includes ecology, social an economic spheres, trying to reduce the use of white paper, and if needed, use the recycled one. We are transforming all provided study resources into digital, starting from the brochures with our courses information to the books and material we use in class.

We are innovation: While the world is waiting for augmented reality, we are moving towards it, connecting our three campuses in one class!. We hope that in some years there will be no difference, whether you are in Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid, we can all be together.

We are family: That´s why our team is small and we are keeping it this way. Coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds we are passionate about the world of Hospitality, Tourism, Business and Languages and that unites us. We try to treat each of our students personally, as much as we can (but we are not almighty).

So if you want to come to classes just to sleep somewhere on the back row or to show to your parents that you are studying – we will not be your choice. But if you share the same feelings about the world of Hospitality, Tourism, Business and Languages and ready to drive deep inside – don´t doubt. Join us the next intake.

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Business Administration

BBA 3 years
EN Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul
On-Campus/Online €5,700 p.a.

Digital Marketing

MA 1 year
EN Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul
On-Campus/Online €4,500 p.a.

Events Management

MA 1 year
EN Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul
On-Campus/Online €4,200 p.a.
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