Bachelors Business Design

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IED Barcelona

IED Arts and IED Diplomas are post-secondary school courses with obligatory attendance, designed for a limited number of students who want to take their talent and creativity and transform them into a profession, as well as to acquire knowledge as a means of constructing the personal, professional and social project for their own lives. The training aims at achieving three basic objectives: knowledge of technologies, of materials and of design culture, the ability to understand the market and its requirements and the ability to communicate the qualities of design. The first year is devoted to acquiring the basic methodology necessary for students to adopt the right approach to creative work. In the years that follow, there is a more tense focus on design activities developed on the base of real client briefs, supported by the guidance of lecturers and by the supervision of consultants in the field in question. The well-established relationship between IED and the working world enables students to take part in events, seminars and competitions: often real working experience that culminates in dissertation projects.

Bachelors Business Design

The BA Business Design provides training for students the fields of management, design and technology to drive innovation companies of the 21st century.

Today’s labour market is creasgly demandg a new professional profile that can participate multidisciplinary teams charge of identifying innovation opportunities, generatg creative ideas and developing and implementg new strategies, products or services. The impact of new technologies and new user behaviours has led to unprecedented scenarios. The rules have changed and many successful companies will not be able to survive if they cannot adapt to this new environment.

The BA Business Design is a course for people aimg to make a contribution to improvg the world through user-friendly, technologically feasible and viable solutions for companies.Its three-year programme provides a set of design tools and methodologies that can be applied to companies in order to solve challenges and create valuable solutions.

• The BA Business Design offers students the opportunity to grow by using a very practical, creative learning methodology. Design thinking is not only taught as a subject but is also present throughout the entire learning process. The students alternate between stages of “diverging” work, which they have to learn to analyse the context which they are operating, identify opportunities and generate ideas, and stages of “converging” work, which they have to find and propose solutions, validate them and implement them. Hands-on learning is therefore an inintegral part of the students’ experience and they are asked to participate actively the Teaching activities, constantly moving between theoretical put and practical exercises. All of this takes place an interdisciplary, International environment that encourages alternating between individual work and reflection and collaborative team work. All the instructors on the course are working professionals who deal with real-world challenges industry.

• It is based on learning by dog. It tras the students different skills, especially critical and strategic thinking, identifying opportunities and sights, design process-based creativity, the physical prototyping of ideas and concepts, project management, the ability to be agile a changing environment, and collaboration and communication, among others.

•Be 18 years old by December 31st of the first year of the course
•A High School Diploma or equivalent
•An English Language Certificate of proficiency (IELTS 6.0)*
•A motivational letter explag why they are likely to study the BA (Hons) Business Design
•A visual portfolio illustratg a project they have been recently developed
or they are willg to develop during their studies
•An explanatory essay of the project

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• Passport with expiry date at least 6 months past the date you are applying for
• Health Insurance Letter from Spanish provider
• Medical Examination, following the current requirements of the Spanish Health Association
• Accommodation Letter
• Bank statement, showing that you can financially sustain yourself during your whole stay in Spain (this amount varies every year, contact us for the up-to-date requirements)
• Invitation and offer letter from a Spanish academic institution
• Visa fees paid
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Course Preview
  • Degree type: Bachelors
  • Duration: 6 years
  • ECT's: 360
  • Language: English
  • Start date: Sep
  • Study type: Full-Time
  • Tution fee: 15.400 €/year
  • Delivery mode: Online/On-Campus
  • Ranking: #17 (Design Schools Globally)
More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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