Bachelors Entrepreneurship

Geneva Business School (GBSGE)

Geneva Business School (GBSGE)

GBSGE offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Finance and Business Administration with seven different majors focusing – among other specializations – on the International, geopolitical and digital aspects of management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Founded as the Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoe (IFGP) in 1995, the school’s initial mission was to provide instruction to private bankers in Switzerland. Furthermore, in 2001, the IFGP broadened its mission and created the University of Finance to provide education in International banking and finance, not only to bankers, but to aspiring students as well. The establishment became known as the Geneva Business School in 2010 to highlight the importance of the campus location and, above all, its newfound purpose to teach a full Business Administration and finance curriculum of graduate and post-graduate courses.

Bachelors Entrepreneurship

The Bachelor of International Management with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare you for the constant challenges of the startup sector. You will learn all the methods and skills necessary to succeed in this highly competitive area, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global success story. During the course, you will:
• Gain knowledge of the global startup industry
• Acquire expertise in the legalities of business startups
• Obtain management, organizational, and strategic planning skills for launching new projects and businesses

Sector Analysis Courses:
• Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
• The business plan
• New business models
• Social entrepreneurship
• Moving business online
• Business simulator
Sector Specialisation Courses:
• Boosting revenue with social media
• Start-up finance
• Managing & financing innovations
• Disruptive leadership and management
• Design thinking
• Analysis of nice market opportunities

Admission Criteria for Bachelor’s Programs
Students who wish to apply to a Geneva Business School bachelor’s degree must have successfully completed their final secondary school examinations and any other required examinations qualifying them for university admission in their country or in the country where their secondary school studies took place.
• Swiss Maturité, International Baccalaureate of minimum 30 points, 3 A-levels, high school diploma or equivalent (Geneva Business School uses a country-specific admissions criteria for prospective bachelor’s students. Please contact our Admissions Department for more details.)
• IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 70 (official English exam results) or proof of studying previously in an English-speaking environment for a minimum of 3 years
• A scanned copy of all required academic diplomas, transcripts, and academic certificates
A 500-word written response to a business case study
• An interview with a representative from the academic team on their chosen campus. Their response to the case study will be discussed in the interview.
• Photocopy of valid passport / national ID
• 1 reference letter from a former teacher or employer
Admission Protocol
1. APPLICATION: Applications are only reviewed once all documentation is submitted and admission criteria met.
2. ENGLISH EXAM: As English is the official language at Geneva Business School, TOEFL/IELTS test scores, or phone or face-to-face interviews, measure each student’s English proficiency level. In some cases, online English tests may be accepted.
3. PHONE INTERVIEW: After all references have been checked, students will have to conduct a final phone interview.

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• National visa application form
• Biometric pictures
• Passport with expiry date at least 6 months past the date you are applying for
• Health Insurance Letter from Spanish provider
• Medical Examination, following the current requirements of the Spanish Health Association
• Accommodation Letter
• Bank statement, showing that you can financially sustain yourself during your whole stay in Spain (this amount varies every year, contact us for the up-to-date requirements)
• Invitation and offer letter from a Spanish academic institution
• Visa fees paid
• Most of these documents need to be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized by the notary or Spanish authorities, depending on your country of origin.

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Course Preview
  • Degree type: Bachelors
  • Duration: 3 years
  • ECT's: 180
  • Language: English
  • Start date: Feb, Sep
  • Study type: Full-Time
  • Tution fee: 6.950 €/year
  • Delivery mode: Online/On-Campus
  • Ranking: #89 CEOWORLD Magazine
More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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