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Real Madrid Graduate School

Real Madrid Graduate School

In 2006 Real Madrid C.F.and Universidad Europea de Madrid created the first University School specialized in sports and its relationship with management, health, communications and leisure/recreation. The Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea extends beyond the boundaries of sports by training professional leaders in all the disciplines that are associated, one way or another, with this area. The graduate programs focus on different areas and are designed for university graduates and working professionals from the different sectors linked to both professional and amateur sports. The School was created with a strong international component, just like the two institutions that back it. On one side there is Real Madrid Football Club, which took a Spanish company and made it into a leading international force; on the other is Universidad Europea de Madrid, a world leader in advanced education. The guiding educational principle behind each of the graduate degrees of the Real Madrid International Professional School is a professional focus. The design and implementation of these programs is carried out by professionals from both Real Madrid as well as Universidad Europea de Madrid, highly prestiged in their respective fields. With the goal of providing a practical education, the graduate programs are taught in state-of-the-art facilities: the Real Madrid facilities at its brand new Sports City and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, as well as Universidad Europea de Madrid’s campuses in Alcobendas (Madrid) and Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) In addition, most of the graduate programs include visits to companies or to events related to the curriculum, such as the All England Club where the famous Wimbledon Grand Slam takes place, in the case of the Alfredo Di Stefano MBA in Sports Management.

Masters Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation

The sports industry is currently undergoing a disruptive process in which all the management and business procedures and/or models are being transformed thanks to new technologies – an innovative process affecting every aspect of the industry. The Master’s in Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation has been designed by prestigious and highly regarded executives and professionals, leaders in the field of innovation and digital transformation in the sports industry.
Reports such as The Future Of Jobs (2018) by World Economic
Forum point to how some of the most demanded professionals
in the coming years will be related to the field of technology and innovation: Data analyst, AI and Machine Learning specialist, digital transformation specialist… This trend will affect also the Sports Industry which is engaged in a tranformation process.
This master’s aims to give the student an in-depth practical knowledge of how to work and make the most of the latest technologies used in sport (from Data Analysis to Virtual Reality, Blockchain to Geolocalization), taking into account the importance of applying the right strategies so as to get the best yield possible from them.
This new paradigm requires trained professionals who are capable
of managing change and have an in-depth knowledge of what innovation means and which key processes and strategic abilities are needed in order to start effective disruptive processes, according to each situation and context.
The program is made up of international experts on digitally transforming businesses and Industry 4.0, as well as recognised professionals from the world’s leading sports entities.
Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the business and transformation model used by Real Madrid C.F. first-hand from its professionals. There will be a particular
focus on the Club’s Transformation team and other employees who will be taking part in implementing real cases and training projects within the day-to-day workings of the Club.
This program will have international experiences, where students will enjoy meetings and workshops with top-level executives in London, an innovative Hub in Europe.
This Master’s will allow students to both develop their skills as an entrepreneur and have the support of its teaching staff to further their own business adventure.

• Ecosystem of the sports industry from a business perspective
• Key Core Business Concepts: sports industry stakeholders,
Innovation, technology, marketing, research, finance, organization, transformation, Governance & Legal, project management…
• From Sport to Sportainment
• New paradigm of access to sport media content
• Trends in the future of Sports Business
• Glocalization of Sports Business Strategies

• Big Data
• Business Strategies based in Data analytics
• Business Methodologies and tools applied to the sports
• Implementation of new business strategies in Sports
• High performance through BI
• Main BI Tools in Sports
• Geolocalization

• Research tools applied to the Sports Industry • Digital Marketing (apps, web, social…)
• Social Listening
• AI and machine Learning
• Automatization in Digital Marketing • Marketing and Data Analytics
• New tools for digital marketing
• Digital Marketing Strategies

• Sports media and technology
• Technologies applied to Sports communication • Public Relations in the new sports scenario
• Communication Strategies
• Sports Production

• New technologies and innovations for Sport Venues • Smart Venues and Smart Cities
• Innovation in Sport Events
• Internet of Things (IoT) in sports
• VR and AR

• From Fan engagement to Fan Monetization
• Technology and Fan Experience Journey
• Innovation in Fan Monetization strategies (from off to online) • Data Analytics for the fan
• Gamification
• Sport and Health

• Revenue streams in the sport industry: an innovative approach • Security and cybersecurity
• Blockchain and IoT
• Data analytics for sports operations
• Innovative business tools (blockchain, cashless…)

• “Traditional” sports: creating new formats • New Sports
• eSports
• Innovation in pricing
• Innovation in marketing and communication • Innovation in Distribution
• Innovation in Ticketing
• Innovation in Sports Tourism
• Innovation in Servuction

• Entrepreneurial Mindset in Sports Innovation
• Methodologies and Tools to generate Innovation
• Leading, Planning and Implementing the change

Option A Sports Entrepreneurial Initiative individual or maximum 3 people group
Option B Innovation consultancy project at Sports Organization student’s choice, intrapreneurship in the sports organization

Real Madrid Innovation Experience + Case Study

Aimed at
• Industry professionals who are already in a role of responsibility and want to give their career a final push. Proven experience is needed.
• Professionals from the technology industry and / or other technical fields (engineering, finance, architecture …) who are already in a role of responsibility but want to redirect their career path and join the sports industry. Proven experience is needed.
• Former elite athletes who wish to take the final step in their career from the field to the office by introducing innovation into sports entities.

Access Requirements
• English B2

The admissions process for Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea programs runs throughout the whole year, although enrollment in all graduate programs depends on the availability of places.
For personalized guidance, you can go to either of our university campuses (Alcobendas or Villaviciosa de Odón), or contact us via phone: (+34) 91 112 88 50 or e-mail: escuelauniversitariarealmadrid@universidadeuropea. es to receive advice from the Graduate Degree Admissions staff.
Once candidates have received guidance and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Degree Admissions staff will send them a date for taking the entrance exams for the program they are interested in, and for a personal interview with the Master’s Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.
The admissions process does not involve any costs or commitment for candidates, until their place is formally reserved.

Admission phases:
1. Personalized guidance
2. Sending in the application and documentation in order to evaluate the candidate’s profile
3. Assessment of the profile and interview
4. Confirmation of admission
5. Formal reservation of a place and enrolment

Requirements to get a Spanish student visa?
Before you schedule an appointment at the Spanish Embassy in your country there are a few documents you need to have ready. These visa preparation documents highly vary per nationality and sometimes even per state department of your country. See here a list of requirements that usually need to be presented.
• National visa application form
• Biometric pictures
• Passport with expiry date at least 6 months past the date you are applying for
• Health Insurance Letter from Spanish provider
• Medical Examination, following the current requirements of the Spanish Health Association
• Accommodation Letter
• Bank statement, showing that you can financially sustain yourself during your whole stay in Spain (this amount varies every year, contact us for the up-to-date requirements)
• Invitation and offer letter from a Spanish academic institution
• Visa fees paid
• Most of these documents need to be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized by the notary or Spanish authorities, depending on your country of origin.

LEAP has a visa success rate of 95%. Contact one of you educational experts to enlarge your acceptance chance

Course Preview
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Duration: 1 year
  • ECT's: 60
  • Language: English
  • Start date: Nov
  • Study type: Full-time
  • Tution fee: 13.500 €/year
  • Delivery mode: Online/On-Campus
  • Ranking: 4 stars (QS)
More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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More questions about this course? How to get started with the admission process? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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